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High Pressure Jetting

Clean Pipe blast
Typical applications would include the removal of blockages, sand sediment, stones/rocks, fat deposits, foreign objects, etc. from:
  • Municipal sewer systems (150 to 800 mm Ø)
  • Municipal Storm water systems
  • Private sewer- and storm water systems (< 150 mm Ø)
  • Industrial pipe systems.


Clean Pipe blast
Clean Pipe blast


Environmental disinfection with certificate for large to small areas, indoor and outdoor by means of mist/fog spray application. This is the preferred application method, compared to thermal fogging, as it does not burn away the active chemicals but leaves the disinfectant on contact areas to dry naturally, maximising the sanitising effect.
spray bar mist blower
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Zondi Manyika

Contract Manager
Tel: 073 205 7792
Email: zondi@kolomaka.net

Frans Pietersen

Business Development Manager
Tel: 082 449 1245
Email: frans@kolomaka.net

Adriaan Eksteen

Technical Manager
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Rudi Buitendag

Operations Coordinator
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About Us

Company Background

Kolomaka Solutions (Pty) Ltd, a Level 2 B-BBEE company, was established in 2017 with the principal focus on the clearing of obstructions or sediments in pipe or culvert systems by means of high pressure water jetting.

The company is owned and managed by:

Me. Zondi Manyika (Contract Manager)
Mr. Adriaan Eksteen (Technical Manager)
Mr. Frans Pietersen (Business Development Manager)

This management team has a collective experience in the operation and maintenance of municipal water and sanitation infrastructure of more than 35 years and the operational teams as well as their supervision are extensively experienced in the field.

Kolomaka Solutions makes use of its own jetting equipment and own personnel, thereby guaranteeing availability and quality. Specialised equipment, such as super-suckers or CCTV inspection equipment are contracted in on an as-and-when-required basis.

Kolomaka Solutions is committed to providing solutions for routine and technically challenging situations and strives to deliver a professional service in terms of time, cost and quality.